Still at It (feat. Jam)

by The Blue

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Craig Dope new song from one of Calgary's dopest old-school rappers.
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Still at It (feat. Jam)
Written by H. Tor-Agbidye (The Blue) & A. Wentz (Jam)
Artwork by Emma Schaber and Olivia
Produced by Makemdef


[Verse 1: The Blue]

Man I'm just trying to do what everybody wishes they had the chance to, living my dream
Hitting the scene, but some people still trying to intervene
And kind of like Paul Bunyan, I'm just trying to stand tall
But sort of like autumn, these people just want to see me fall
So picture this, a kid trying touch the stars like an astronaut
But he crashed a lot, with people saying okay we'll admit your rhymes are pretty tight
But if you actually make it up to the big leagues, do you think you'll put up a fight
Things change with old friends pushing back like recliners
With me pulling all nighters to see them put up their lighters
Cause I don't want to grow old telling my grandkids
Their grandpa was just a hazbin reminiscing over what had been
Like Magic Johnson got knocked down but kept balling
Tiger Woods had a set back but kept golfing
Took some time but LeBron finally got his ring
And guest what, he's still doing his thing, he's

[Hook] x2
Still at it, no name like John Doe
Still at it, find us up when the sun's low
Still at it, just burning that midnight oil
Still at it till we're buried underneath the soil

[Verse 2: Jam]
Still at preparing magic, the baddest up on your tracklist
No static up on the status, stack of your favorite rappers
Transit, Jam, The Blue, but who's you?
You could do you but you is doo-doo
I'm cool as bluetooth but I keep it hands on
Hands up when I'm playing them a rap song
Blue told me not to curse so I'm not gonna
But if he didn't tell me not to, then I woulda
Man, I guess that's me just being me
I'm cooling with a fat girl named Beatrice
And we're eating meat, you could see us feast
Breaking in these new roots like a B and E
And what you see in me, a little bit of talent huh
A little bit of potential to make it platinum
A little bit of an ego when I am batting up
A little bit of a hero when I am rapping stuff

[Hook] x2

[Verse 3: The Blue]
All I can see is Tobi, Tiwa, and I hitting the stage
Reciting a page of what seemed impressive back at that age
Like I won't stop, I go when the dream's calling
So you know my name ain't joseph cause you know I'm never stalling
But I've grown, it's been a while since that
And now we keep them all running kind of like gym class
Taking the negative and flipping it like a flapjack
No brief case or top hat, just vinyl and snapbacks
Yeah I keep moving like a nomad
While others pull together and reek havoc like sinbad
And yeah sometimes I fall and strike out like I'm bowling
But these are all signs that I'm growing
Cause even martin luther king, the man had some nightmares
Even mike tyson himself lost some fights here
And bill gates, that dude dropped out of school
Was called a fool and now you're playing his xbox, that dude's STILL AT IT

[Hook] x2


released September 9, 2014
Still at It (feat. Jam)
Written by H. Tor-Agbidye (The Blue) & A. Wentz (Jam)
Artwork by Emma Schaber and Olivia
Produced by Makemdef



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